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In 1999 educational experts in the fields of writing, drama, music and art developed literacy based curricula for grades K through 2 and 3 through 5 that were implemented four afternoons a week in four Coachella Valley elementary schools. In fifteen schools this year, Tools For Tomorrow continues to provide this free, on-site, after school program in Title I schools in the Palm Springs, Desert Sands, and Coachella Unified School Districts.


Tools For Tomorrow is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, governed by a Board of Directors and financially supported by the VISIONARIES of Tools For Tomorrow, a fund-raising auxiliary; grants; personal and community donations; and in-kind services.

How do we operate?
We employ qualified paid instructors using a professionally designed curriculum.

Where are classes held?
Classes are held on-site at individual schools, after regular school hours.

What is the cost to each child?
Classes are free! All supplies, musical equipment and snacks are provided by Tools For Tomorrow.

What are the program costs?
$10,000 supports the full program in a school for one school year.

Which schools have the program?

Cathedral City:
Rio Vista Elementary School

Palm View Elementary School

Desert Hot Springs:
Bella Vista Elementary Schoool
Bubbling Wells Elementary School
Two Bunch Palms Elementary School
Julius Corsini Elementary School

Andrew Jackson Elementary School
Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Lyndon Johnson Elementary School
Martin Van Buren Elementary School

La Quinta:
Harry S Truman Elementary School

Mecca School

Palm Desert:
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Ronald Reagan Elementary School

Palm Springs:
Cahuilla Elementary School
Vista del Monte Elementary School

Rancho Mirage:
Rancho Mirage Elementary School

A major difference between Tools For Tomorrow and other arts programs is its literacy component. A creative writing curriculum is integrated into all the disciplines:
  • Students write and share their poetry, prose, music and book reviews, commercials, radio scripts and plays
  • Students perform scenes and short plays that they have written
  • Students develop an appreciation for the elements of music
  • Student produced art is included in a published anthology

The Tools For Tomorrow curriculum integrates the arts in an arts literacy program that promotes academic success in the regular classroom.

Tools For Tomorrow provides at no cost:

  • Qualified, paid professionals instruct children grades three through five in an integrated arts literacy program
  • An integrated approach to creative writing, art, music and drama
  • Musical equipment, supplies, art materials and snacks
  • Provides a means for meeting the unmet needs of children
Tools For Tomorrow instructors document each child's progress in the following areas:
  • specific skills in art, music, drama and writing
  • responsibility, evidenced by regular attendance, active participation and dealing well with peers
In addition:
  • school administrators and classroom teachers have an opportunity to evaluate the program and its effect on individual students
  • participating students evaluate the program and their own progress
  • parents of TFT students also have an opportunity to evaluate the program.

At the end of each school year Tools For Tomorrow mounts an exhibition of the students art, and produces an anthology of the children's poetry, prose and art so they can see themselves in print. (The anthology is available to the public.) The children may also present musical programs and plays they have written.



42-600 Cook Street #132
Palm Desert, CA 92211

760 601-3954

Tax ID #33-0889045


Tools For Tomorrow is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides after-school arts literacy programs integrating creative writing, art, music and drama
for children grades three through five in elementary schools throughout the Coachella Valley, at no cost to the children.

Tools For Tomorrow promotes cognitive, emotional, social, multi-sensory and critical thinking skills by offering children a hands-on experience in
Art, Music, Creative Writing and Drama. Tools For Tomorrow encourages the children's artistic self-expression and nurtures the positive self-esteem
resulting from the discovery of their inherent creativity. As they create their own works of Art they acquire a coping mechanism for the future:
a "tool for tomorrow" and a vision of what their lives can become.