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Tools For Tomorrow offers tribute opportunities to those who wish to honor family, friends and associates on special occasions. The gift you send not only recognizes a special person, but helps to sustain free after school arts literacy classes integrating writing, drama, music and art for elementary school children in the Coachella Valley.

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Tools For Tomorrow is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides after-school arts literacy programs integrating creative writing, art, music and drama
for children grades three through five in elementary schools throughout the Coachella Valley, at no cost to the children.

Tools For Tomorrow promotes cognitive, emotional, social, multi-sensory and critical thinking skills by offering children a hands-on experience in
Art, Music, Creative Writing and Drama. Tools For Tomorrow encourages the children's artistic self-expression and nurtures the positive self-esteem
resulting from the discovery of their inherent creativity. As they create their own works of Art they acquire a coping mechanism for the future:
a "tool for tomorrow" and a vision of what their lives can become.